Save the Clocktower

The Bureau is (currently) destined to stop at 10:04 PM on July 31st, 2017.

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### THE MISSION ### 

To continue our important mission of supporting and premiering an original short film each month we need your help! The goal is simple, recruit 350 new Agents on Patreon by February 2017. Achieving this goal will be challenging, but with your help and encouragement, we can secure the longevity of The Bureau far into the future.

2016, The Bureau's inaugural year, was made possible by an amazing group of 333 Kickstarter backers who believed in our unique mission of supporting and furthering short film. These backers are set to expire in the coming months and to keep the clock from running out, The Bureau needs to become fully sustainable.

Note * The progress above is updated each day and reflects both new Agents on Patreon as well as VHX.

Become an Agent of The Bureau on Patreon, an incredible community of filmmakers and enthusiasts.

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Initially, The Bureau exclusively used VHX (a powerful back-end distribution platform), in the coming months we want to focus on a platform that is more transparent in regards to audience size and engagement. Patreon is a perfect fit for this approach, as it is less of a back-end tool, and more of an open community of artists and supporters of the arts.

Don't worry, VHX is not going anywhere! But one thing we learned early on with Kickstarter is that it takes a community to launch a community. With that in mind, we're launching a Patreon channel for new people to join The Bureau. If we're going to make The Bureau safe for the foreseeable future, then now is the time to make it happen!


The Bureau has ambitious plans for the future of film and it starts here, with you, with a community of film enthusiasts that believe short films are valuable as stand-alone works. Here's to a future where truly independent films have a support structure and an audience base not seen since the earliest days of cinema.