My Friend Willy - by Wendy McColm

Ever pretend that you are in your own movie? S'pose you're the star...

BUREAU: When you decided to make this short film, where did you start? 

MCCOLM: We were apart of Channel 101 (anyone can join, fun people there) and Willy and I decided to collaborate. I did actually run a red light and told Willy that story one night and he replied that same creepy joke, then my brain snapped and I said "Holy shit! We have to film you saying that!" From there we wrote it and made a really nice fun thing - well, this short, together. 

Wendy McColm with Willy Roberts

BUREAU: What kind of hurdles do you face as a filmmaker working in short film? 

Well, I had struggled with the "TV" format before. Actually making an arc that was a little more textbook. Now, I don't always use rules, but honestly, I wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted the challenge - this was my 3rd pilot for Channel 101 and Willy's like... 60th? Not sure, ha.

But, either way, I did want to challenge myself as a writer filmmaker and for me the biggest hurdle was sticking to "rules" in a sense... (then of course being kind of nuts inherently it just ended up being weird).

A Scene from Wendy McColm's Film 'Birds Without Feathers'

BUREAU: What projects are you working on next, and how can people who are interested best support or share that work? 

Awesome! I just finished filming my first feature! Would love for people to check it out a support it. It's called 'Birds Without Feathers', and it's about what lengths people will go to for human connection- a dark comedy? Yes, why not?

We self funded the filming process but we have a gofundme open right now for the Post Production. We would really appreciate any help. We have a teaser out currently and the gofundme link at Birds Without Feathers. Check out some stills and if you can't donate follow us on the medias 

View more of Wendy's work on her personal site

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