Q&A with Weekend Films

A brief conversation with Weekend Films, the Denver-based filmmaking team behind this month’s featured short film, ‘Many Different People at Once’.

1. When you decided to make this short film, where did you start? 

Josh - I started with writing an outline and texting Zach and telling him I was ready to make this film! I had actors in mind already, so I texted everyone and we just set a date and jumped in. 

Zach - Once everyone committed, we had to figure out where we were going to shoot everything. Ultimately, we chose to shoot at the actual homes of the actors we cast. I think it brought another level to the story of who these characters are, without adding needless backstory.


2. What kind of hurdles do you face as a filmmaker working in short film? 

Josh - I think for me the biggest hurdle is settling on an idea. I constantly have different ideas for films going at one time and it just takes an ephemeral moment where it clicks and I just need to make it happen. Besides that, I would say just rallying people on a set date when you don't have a budget is always difficult. Which is why we generally try to keep our films simple & minimalist. You can do a lot with a little and I think we as filmmakers forget that.  

Zach - Making any kind of creative work takes a lot of energy. Short films take so much without giving any back. The more we make, the longer it seems to take before we can rally again to make another. In the end it's all worth it because short films are such a great form of expression and I truly love to make them.

3. What projects are you working on next, and how can people who are interested best support or share that work?

Josh - Right now we're working on getting our short films out to as many as possible and wrapping up editing on a feature film called "Twenty". We're also in pre-production for a documentary called "The Home We Left". 

Zach - Watch short films! Support short films and your filmmaker friends! A rising tide lifts all boats!

The Bureau is proud to premiere ‘Many Different People at Once’ - be sure to check out Josh and Zach’s other short film and feature work on their website.

Mike Ambs

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