Creating the World We Want to Live In

Leah Meyerhoff is a fighter, and not just in her own work, but for female filmmakers as a whole. When tracing the path of her career as an award-winning writer and director, what stands out most is how fearless she is in her storytelling. It takes an incredibly capable director to expose so many of their own vulnerabilities in their work, while at the same time creating something that feels approachable and unexpected, where the audience feels deeply connected to an experience so different from their own. 

Her previous short films and music videos have screened in over 200 film festivals, won a dozen awards, and aired on IFC, PBS, LOGO and MTV. Her debut feature film, I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, premiered in competition at SXSW in 2014, followed by a year-long, world-wide screening tour. 

As the founder of Film Fatales, a Brooklyn-based collective of female filmmakers, Leah is active in supporting women-led independent film. Saying, in a recent interview with Filmmaker Mag

We can invest in more films directed by women, mentor more women making films, and perhaps most immediately, build audience support for existing films directed by women as well as those with strong female leads. Let’s create the world we want to live in!

One of the aspects behind The BUREAU that is so exciting, personally speaking, is being involved at the earliest stages of a new work, and knowing that these short films, not always, but often grow into larger projects, taking on a life of their own. 

Leah's 2007 short film, TWITCH, is a perfect example of this - as it was the genesis for Unicorns, as well as Film Fatales. When we say "short films are important, and should be valued as such", this is exactly what we mean - one short film can have a profound effect on not just one filmmakers' career, but an entire filmmaking community. 

We are incredibly thrilled to see what Leah makes with The BUREAU. 

Mike Ambs

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