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Film Curriculum Toolkit for Educators

The Power of  Creating & Analyzing Film in the 21st Century


The Bureau of Creative Works is a digital distribution platform that funds and premieres an original short film each month, directly supporting some of the best independent filmmakers working today.

The Bureau is unique in that we do not obtain our films through distributors (which represent a very narrow slice of the film community), instead, we fully-fund the production of original works by a diverse group of filmmakers, filmmakers that retain 100% rights to their own work. We are a support structure, a distribution platform, and a strong advocate for redefining the rules of filmmaking and audience engagement. 

Our Educational Toolkit provides early and exclusive access to a growing library of short films by established filmmakers as well as promising newcomers. Our library is diverse with genres ranging from documentary, drama, interactive, horror and experimental. Our films are fantastic case studies of cinematic low-budget filmmaking, with a focus on community building. We work directly with each filmmaker, forming relationships which allows us and our educators open access in ways that are unheard of on any other platform. 

The Bureau is a unique resource for educators - an opportunity to share with students new ideas of what it means to make short films, and a chance to support independent filmmakers creating original, unique short films. Together we can inspire the next generation of filmmakers through cinema in education.
— Bureau Project Director, Erica Hampton


The Bureau Toolkit for Educators includes everything needed to lead an in depth discussion on independent film, whether in the classroom, a members-only screening event, or a non-profit community event.

Short Film Library : Exclusive and unlimited access to a growing library of original, independent short films by award-winning filmmakers. Ready to stream!

Audio Interviews : Unlimited access to our growing library of accompanying filmmaker interviews, available as podcast.

Filmmaker Presentations : In addition to our Toolkit, filmmakers can be booked to speak about their short film as well as their unique filmmaking process.

Public Performance License : A public performance license that allows for non-commercial screenings to students and members of your school or organization. 

75% Off Grant Submission Fee : Students of participating educators are eligible for a discount when applying for the Bureau grant (learn more).

Monthly Care Packages : Each month you will receive a care package tailored around the most recently released short film, including -

Discussion Guides : A discussion guide custom-tailored around the most recently released short film.

Postcards : 10 postcards featuring artwork and a synopsis of the most recently released short film.

Director Bios : A director bio with social media info, encouraging students and members to follow along and freely interact with filmmakers in a way that is unheard of on other platforms.

Transcribed Interviews : A transcription of the interview (20-40 minutes), featuring the director of the most recently released short film. 

Toolkit preview

View a sample of our Toolkit for the short film 'Victor Bikini', which explores the post-embargo life of a retired math teacher turned swimsuit designer living in Havana, Cuba.

Purchasing Options

Short films typically cost Educational Institutions $200-$300 each, The Bureau has designed our Toolkit to more directly connect students with award-winning filmmakers, creating a platform that is more affordable, flexible and beneficial to the next wave of young filmmakers. 

Or $1,080 / YR (Save 25%)

Do you Have Questions?

Interested in the Toolkit but have a few questions first? We'd love to hear from you.

You can also email us directly at edu@bureauofcreative.works

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### Artists, United ###

The Bureau is structured from the ground up to be a sustainable community by and for film-enthusists and film-makers. For each dollar that comes in, 90% benifits future filmmakers. Here's how this works:

  • 90% is used to 1) fund the monthly short film grant, 2) submit each short film to the growing number of film festivals we partner with, and 3) distributing the library of films via iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, etc.
  • The remaining 10% is used to help run The Bureau and grow our team. 

Our goal is grow a film community focused on supporting indie filmmakers, furthering a much-needed conversation around the value of short films, and setting an example of new ways in which communities can come together. 

Short Film Grant

Students of participating educators are eligible to apply for the yearly Bureau Grant at a 75% discounted rate.

Those selected join a diverse team of award-winning independent filmmakers, collectively elevating each other's work and contributing to the future of indie film. Learn more about the Short Film Grant and Eligibility

Schedule a Filmmaker Talk

Not only are Bureau filmmakers talented behind the lens, they are also inspiring on a stage. Help students dive deeper into the issues behind any given short film, as well as learn first hand about the filmmaking process from some of the most talented and respected indie directors working today.


Full access to all past and future original short films.


Enjoy on your Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Roku, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


If you decide The Bureau isn't for you, you can cancel at any time.