Bureau Executive Producers



A special thank you to our BUREAU Executive Producers, who help financially support the BUREAU's efforts across the entire production slate. BUREAU EPs help champion indie short film, providing support to our filmmakers at the earliest stages of their work - allowing for more creative control and unique stories to be told. 

Be a part of cultivating the art of short films. I’m excited about being a contributor to something as magnificent as this. In a world where film content is mindless and destructive, this is your opportunity to be a part of the change we all long for. Change doesn’t happen by doing nothing. It happens with those who are willing to make the difference.
— Zachary M. Bradley Jr.
As a supporter of the arts, I love to see the creativity in short film, as there is always an interesting perspective for which an array of stories can be told; some filmmakers do it quite well, others at least strive to do so. Short film allows filmmakers to challenge our mindset, be absurdist, be grotesque, be brutal, be wonderful, sometimes overwhelm our senses, and most oftentimes entertain us; I would not have it any other way. Whether visually stunning, a slow burn or manic in its pace, whether fully satisfying or leaving you wanting more, short film-making is a worthy challenge that only the brave or foolhardy lay bare for the world to experience.
— Justin James Walsh

Interested in becoming a BUREAU EP? Reach out and introduce yourself!