Iku Manieva

A film by Isaac Ruiz Gastélum

Two children take refuge in the Sinaloa sierra.

Filmed in the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa, northwest Mexico, the film shows an idyllic landscape wrapped in a rare atmosphere of peace in contrast to the threatening presence of the drug cartels who have operated in the area for decades.

Jacqueline Vizcarra and Bryan Ramírez, movie protagonists, were discovered by the director himself during a piñata that the film crew offered for the families and children of La Petaca, a small ejido located on top of the Sinaloa sierra, where the story unfolds.

At the mercy of the unstoppable struggle between different criminal groups for the dominance of the largest poppy and marihuana growing region in the south of Sinaloa, there have been deadly crimes and serious violations to the human rights of rural communities residents throughout the State, a conflict that has produced more than 3,000 displaced people and several ghost towns in 2017 alone.

Script, Cinematography, Editing, Direction: Isaac Ruiz Gastélum
Cast: Jacqueline Vizcarra, Bryan Ramírez
Direct Sound, Music: Eduardo Dueñas Calderón
Aerial Video: Alejandro Ochoa

Location Manager: Maximiliano Arias
Production Assistant: Daniela Covarrubias
Executive Producer: Eva Angelina González
Producer: Isaac Ruiz Gastélum
Production Company: Metaxinema

Mike Ambs

I love to film things, tell stories, and read on the subway. I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.