Ayz Waraich

Ayz Waraich turned heads back in 2008 when he released his short film, 'White Red Panic' on Vimeo - everything about the acting, the writing, the visuals, the short film as a whole, would have fooled most as to the size and scope of production-resources available. Yet, the entire project came in south of $1k. People were shocked, and appropriately so. Ayz became known as a director who could pull off an incredibly cinematic look and feel with nothing more than an HV30 and a keen eye for talented actors and perfect locations. 

Fast-forward several years and 'White Red Panic' helped spark a career including several acclaimed short films, his character-driven feature debut, 'To Our Bright White Hearts', and a time-travel epic, 'Divine River' (in production). Ayz's previous work officially screened at Sundance, and was selected as a finalist by Kevin Spacey's Triggerstreet program. 

Recently, Ayz teamed up with producer, Martin Wisniewski to form 'The Wild Machine', a Toronto-based production company that just this week premiered their new short film, 'Loot'. A crime thriller, LOOT is artfully shot and so fun to watch - which you can do for free below. 

It is remarkable to think this film was made for $500. To get more insight into how this was done and the motivations behind it we sat down with Ayz and Martin (over the internets) to talk about their latest work, as well as their history with low-budget filmmaking. 

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UPDATE(3.20.16) Ayz and Martin have recently released a teaser for their upcoming series YYZ. Check it out. It's currently in development, so listen in on their podcast to find out more.

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