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Cameo wrote, produced, and directed "Real Artists", a narrative thriller about Artificial Intelligence and the future of filmmaking. Cameo Wood fell in love with movies at the age of seven when she saw Amadeus on the big screen, and she has been making films ever since. At the age of ten, Cameo began writing epic adventures and shooting scenes on still photos. She began her film education when she was 12 and worked full time at the family video store and was a camera operator and editor for the weekly high school television show. Originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, she now lives in San Francisco. 

Cameo Wood's science fiction homage to Jonathan Nolan, Jennifer Phang, and the intersection of bioethics and business is an exquisitely produced short film. Stunning images, lean writing, inspired casting, and a seemingly effortless deftness at storytelling create this stunning film. 
Wood considers short films as "tiny stories, perfectly crafted," which fairly sums up this film's ultimate effect on the viewer. Produced with help from Kodak, "Real Artists" perfectly pushes the boundaries of the short film format, delivering feature-length emotional impact and unforgettable visual style in 12 minutes. 

Her first for into directing, writing, and producing, Wood has more in store for us in the future, noting, "I've wanted to make films for such a long time; now that we’ve received such kind and enthusiastic response to REAL ARTISTS, I have the confidence to nurture my ambitions.

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