The Bureau of Creative Works - NYC Shorts

Screening tonight at BAM, The Bureau of Creative Works: NYC Shorts bills itself as "nine short films by a diverse network of emerging NYC-based filmmakers," which, while true, doesn't do justice to each voice's seeking to name something inarticulate.

How a community-supported collective of filmmakers wants to rewrite the rules of indie film

The Bureau of Creative Works is a non-profit, audience-funded operation founded by Mike Ambs and Erica Hampton that acts a bridge between filmmakers and audiences. They believe filmmakers and film enthusiasts have a responsibility not only to create and encourage quality films, “but to provide a sustainable environment where filmmakers feel supported and have access to the tools that they need to experiment and share their stories.”

How to Join Forces with Multiple Filmmakers for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Intimidated by the thought of running a crowdfunding campaign alone? Why not try running one with a group of filmmakers for a handful of films! The more filmmakers involved, the bigger your network, and the more likely your campaign will be successful -- at least, in theory!

Exclusive: New Film Collective to Produce 12 Original Short Films

The Bureau is a year-long film experiment which will give 12 independent filmmakers a small budget to produce 12 original short films. Founded by Erica Hampton and Mike Ambs, The Bureau of Creative Works has teamed with 10 filmmakers and is leaving two slots open for two more.