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We connect award-winning filmmakers with cinemas at a community level, curating short film collections that highlight the local voices of emerging filmmakers.

We work with your theater (or organization) to program a block of #shortfilms for your event.

* We help fill seats with film-enthusiasts by encouraging filmmakers to attend, hold Q&A sessions and meet-and-greets as part of each event.

* Each event is @tagged and cross-promoted on our site, our various social accounts, newsletter, and in our promotional print materials. 

* Our goal is to have each event not only entertain but inspire and educate by connecting audiences with the writers, directors, and even casts of these films.

*  - we do everything we can to not only share the event details but to make sure people know your organization is a champion on indie short film. 


We accept award-winning filmmakers as well as first-time filmmakers that have yet to get their foot in the door. A filmmaker's ability to concetrate their idea and their voice into a short film is a unique talent, and our focus on this bar-to-entry sets a wide range of incredible films on an equal playing field.

The Bureau receives hundreds of submissions each year - what sets us apart is our focus on voice.
— Erica Hampton, The Bureau


Our growing library features filmmakers working in short film from around the world.

When we program a film block for your theater we do so with a focus on filmmakers within the community who are able to come and speak after the screenings with audience members, and, most imporantly, able to fill the house with people pasionate about indie film.



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