The bureau is an audience-Supported experiment that premieres an original short film each month by a new indie filmmaker. 

We're always looking for a few good AGENTS.

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THE BUREAU WAS FOUNDED FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON: To change the relationship between audience and filmmaker.

We believe the traditional support structure around films and the talented people behind them is broken, and we believe audiences connect most-strongly with projects they've shared an essential role in creating.

This circular relationship is what sets The BUREAU apart from other film collectives: our audience understands the importance of not simply curating the hard-work of artists after-the-fact, but instead, directly contributing to the earliest stages of their creative work.

As a direct result, the films that emerge from The BUREAU are unique, honest, and, most importantly, for you. Quality films don't happen in a vacuum, they require a supportive and collaborative environment.


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If you decide The Bureau isn't for you, you can cancel at any time.