A Film Collective Unlike Any Other

The Bureau is dedicated to directly-supporting and premiering the best independent filmmakers working in short film. Our studio is unique in three ways,

  1. We are a bottom-up, audience-funded operation,

  2. Our filmmakers retain full creative-control over their work, and

  3. Our filmmakers own their films. Period.

We act as a bridge between our filmmakers and an engaged audience that believes in the value of supporting short films and the talented people behind them. The BUREAU is a place to watch, to support, and to create honest, powerful short films without committee.

As filmmakers and film enthusiasts, we share a responsibility to not only create and encourage quality films, but to provide a sustainable environment where filmmakers feel supported, and have access to the tools that they need to experiment and share their stories.

Hollywood has turned its back on independent short films.
— Bureau Co-Founder, Mike Ambs