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a film community unlike any other

 The Bureau brings together some of the best independent filmmakers working in short film. We are fighting to redefine the value and importance of short films as a stand-alone medium.


Our goals are simple, discover and support talented filmmakers, and spark a conversation around the importance of short films.
— Erica Hampton, Bureau Project Director


You can distribute your work (publicly or privately) anywhere.

No contract

You can remove your short film at any time for any reason.


The Bureau library is accessible to members worldwide in all regions.

Accepted films join a collection of award-winning independent work from filmmakers all over the world, collectively elevating each other's work and contributing to the future of short film.

Guidelines & Requirements



Runtime: Films need to be under 40 minutes.


Rights: Filmmakers must have rights and releases, including music.

Status: No premiere status required.


Genre: We accept all forms of short film except for music videos.

What We Look For

For us, all filmmaking comes down to a director's ability to correctly anticipate an audience's emotional response. That holds true for filmmakers creating a short film with a $200 budget or a $2m budget. We respond to films that feel in control, that don't use a low-budget as an excuse for low-quality.

What We Avoid

Rules are made to be broken, there is no list we follow when looking at your work. Generally speaking, we do not accept promotional pieces (however it is more than okay if your work is branded), strictly visual pieces (think background visuals to concerts), time-lapse photography, one minute comedy sketches.

Refund Policy

Please be sure you want your short film to be considered for the Bureau library before submitting. Unfortunately, we cannot refund a submission fee once submitted. The fee helps cover the cost and time of consideration and research, by no means does submitting guarantee that your work will be a good fit for the Bureau at this time.

Red to Fade Background.jpg

Letter of Intent

Founded in 2015, The Bureau is a fairly young project, with a mission that is ambitious by design. 

Yes, The Bureau works each day to better connect filmmakers with a growing audience, an audience that believes in the value of short films. And yes, The Bureau works to support filmmakers through our inaugural grant program, directly funding original productions. However, from our perspective, this is not enough.

We will not rest until the Bureau is a place where audiences come to find the best filmmakers working today in short film, and where filmmakers come to share their work with the most unique and directly supportive audience anywhere.

We hope you'll join us in this fight, it's one we believe in deeply. Long live the Bureau. Love live short film. 

Frequently asked questions

How soon will I be notified? You will be notified within a month of submitting. If your short film is selected for the Bureau library we will collaborate on an ideal release date.

If selected, how is my film promoted? The Bureau announces upcoming films on our social profiles, and newsletter, also we share stills of your film as well as a teaser / trailer on our YouTube, Vimeo, VHX channels to help drive awareness. Ultimately, we expect each filmmaker to work with us to help get the word out.

If my short film is selected for the Bureau library, do I automatically get the Bureau grant? No, grants are provided to filmmakers with work within the Bureau library on a selected basis. The availability of production funds are dependent on a combination of audience involvement and relationships with 'Producing Partners'.

My film is making the rounds at festivals, does the Bureau interfere with eligibility? Very, very few film festivals have strict rules against short films being available online. In the case of The Bureau, selected short films are only accessible to members of the Bureau (SVOD). If there is a festival you are submitting to, it is best practice to review their rules or ask the programmers directly about eligibility.

Does the Bureau provide feedback? We currently are not able to offer in-depth feedback at this time, but do hope to do so in the future. All the same, we make every effort to get to know filmmakers and their body of work. We greatly appreciate you sharing your film with us and love being introduced to new faces.

Are international films eligible? Yes, we accept films from all over the world. However, non-english films must also include captions suitable for an American audience. International caption files encouraged.

Do you offer submission fee waivers? Not at this time.