Sing for Your Supper

A film by Mu Sun

In a totalitarian world where the only currency is song, citizens must sing well in order to eat. Unfortunately, Glen has just come down with a severe bout of laryngitis. 

After getting kicked out of yet another fine restaurant for his sub-par crooning, he's out of ideas. But when Glen saves a young vandal named Billie (Georgina Reilly) from being arrested by the secret police, she takes Glen to an underground open mic where everyone has an equal chance to sing for their supper. Will Glen find his voice, or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Director: Mu Sun
Writer: Michael Jonathan Smith
Producers: Karen Lavender, Mu Sun, Gensho Tasaka
Dir. of Photography: Teruhisa Yoshida
Production Designer: Tomoya Imai
Original Music & Songs: Gavin Keese, Sherri Chung
Visual Effects: Brian Carroll
Sound Design & Mix: Yahel Dooley
Costume Design: L. Stephanie Tait
Makeup & Hair: Carrie Mercado
Choreographers: Joseph Corella, Brooke Engen

Glen: Bodhi Elfman
Billie: Georgina Reilly
Hostess: Kim Kutner
Rich Man: Thomas Colby
Rich Woman: Iris Braydon
Guard #1: Darren Dupree Washington
Guard #2: Jason Medwin
Paperboy: Saif Xnaydre
Coffee Customer: Brian Carroll
Russian Woman: Alison England
Fruit Buyer: Kerry Norton
Policeman #1: Kieron Elliott
Policeman #2: Jeff Blumberg
Ragged Girl: Hayley Derryberry
Homeless Man: Bobby Reed
M.C.: Joseph Buttler
Poor Girl: Jennifer DeFilippo
Poor Man: Lacy Darryl Phillips


Mike Ambs

I love to film things, tell stories, and read on the subway. I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.