Artists shouldn’t be making art on the side, it should be their job. We need to re-train audiences who’ve grown used to the free YouTube model that shorts are worth paying for.
— Filmmaker, Don Hertzfeldt

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We live in a time where filmmakers have unprecedented access and control over the distribution of their work.

Yet, for all our progress in tearing down the infrastructure that once stood between audience and filmmaker, we are seeing ‘more and more digital media outlets pushing to acquire short-films in exchange for only credit and recognition’ -- a promise of legitimization through association, leaving filmmakers in an increasingly difficult and unsustainable situation.

These outlets, which stand to benefit the most from an endless stream of beautiful, unique short films - do so without assuming any of the risk, financial burden, or creative struggle that filmmakers go through at every stage of production. 

This is a system just as one-sided as it ever was, and it's time we take it upon ourselves to change this.

We have designed a film collective unlike any other, called The BUREAU of CREATIVE WORKS -- The BUREAU is supportive at even the earliest stages of an artist's work, serving as: a direct bridge between filmmaker and audience, a safe place to create honest, powerful short films without committee. Most importantly, The BUREAU is circular in structure: the foundation of which is you, a highly engaged audience, one that shares a genuine excitement around stories and the talented people behind them. 

By subscribing to The BUREAU you’ll join an audience that has exclusive access to an original short film each month, directed by a new filmmaker and premiering directly to you.

Additionally, for each new film there will be interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, providing valuable insight into the creation process and how it varies from filmmaker to filmmaker. 

As filmmakers and film enthusiasts, we share a responsibility to not only create and encourage quality films, but to provide a sustainable environment where filmmakers feel supported, and have access to the tools that they need to experiment and share their stories.