Amma Meri

A film by Tarun Jain

When Balram learns about the money in his ailing mother's account could be his, only after her death. He begins to think of this as the only solution to all his problems.

This film deals with agrarian crises in states of India, which were once a prosperous lands and now its deteriorated the quality of soil, the health of people and broke their pride. A major reason for farmer's suicide, poor infrastructure in the village is still looked as a distant issue.

Written & Directed by Tarun Jain
Produced by Tarun Jain
Music by Vivek-Abhishek
Sound Design by Shajith Koyeri

Cinematography by Karen Thapliyal
Edited by Rajan Kumar Singh, Vishal Chauhan
Starring Anurag Arora, Raghubir Mann, Diksha Lamba

The Journey of Amma Meri

In my early days of filmmaking as a director, I used to regularly travel for work to Mumbai. And one day I decided to stay back. During my stay, I figured many things in the claustrophobic city that you will have to work constantly for people to remember you. This is where the script of my first short film (Aakhir) developed. And after I wrote many drafts of it, there came a time when I felt this is what the script should look like. I headed to Delhi to shoot it. Interestingly, my stay in Delhi didn’t contribute in helping me write a script, but leaving Delhi and staying in Mumbai helped me write the script. See, that’s the magic of this city.

Amma meri is the outcome of many collaborations with filmmakers for various projects I was involved in. There were many projects in which we researched and shot in parts of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. During these research & interactions, I came across a lot of issues, a peep into people’s mindset: how a father is looked at, how a daughter should behave, what should a wife be capable of and so on. During those trips, personal human stories hit my mind. I began to think beyond what I saw or was told about. This is where Amma developed.

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