A film by Adriana Barbosa & Bruno Mello Castanho

A filmic reverie in homage to the writer-gravedigger Tico, who in a marginal life, searches for an aesthetic and political inspiration.

Thus, "Bite" is also a film about memory, which brings to the fore not only the agonizing trajectories of remembering, but also its political force, of resistance, which insists on reinventing everyday life and seeking lost senses. As Octavio Paz states, "for us the value of a work of art lies in its novelty: invention of forms or combination of the old in an unusual way."

Script, Director, Editor: Adriana Barbosa and Bruno Mello Castanho
Production Company: Memória Viva
Cast: Tico and Renan Rovida
Producer: Marco Escrivão 
Director Ass: Thiago B. Mendonça
Photography: Rogério Che

Sound: Samuel Gambini
Soundtrack: Kiko Dinucci 
Post production: Guilherme Macedo Martins
Making of/Letterings: Thiago Zanato
Art poster: Artefactos Bascos 
Art director: Laura Calasans
Festival Distribution: Kino Rebelde

Director’s Note

The idea for the film comes from an initial curiosity about Tico, as reported on the news, due to his exotic job title: the undertaker-writer. However, after finding out how deep he is as a character, we knew an exact biopic would not be enough to express his opinions about society and his world vision.

We worked with the language of film intermediated through the very same issues of representation to give body to the poetic, political and philosophical clash of our writer friend. Like the Mexican thinker said, "for us the value of a piece of art resides in its novelty: the invention of forms or the combination of old ones in an unusual way". And accordingly, "Bite" gave us the value of the breath: "Not all is lost, brothers! Not all is lost, lovers!".

Mike Ambs

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