The Bullet

A film by Jordan Bahat

A portrait of David "The Bullet" Smith Jr., the world's greatest working human cannonball. Set against the backdrop of classic nostalgia and Americana, the film provides a glimpse into the life and mindset of one of the world's great roadshow thrill acts on his last day of residency at the county fair.

Director: Jordan Bahat
Produced by: Caviar Content
Executive Producers: Jasper Thomlinson & Michael Sagol
Producer: Mike Sarkissian
Associate Producer: Alex Brinkman
Director of Photography: Mike Gioulakis
Editor: Jordan Bahat & Jack Price

Post Producer: Terry Huynh
Online Editor: Alec Ernest
Sound & Music by: Ari Balouzian
Color provided by: Electric Theater Collective
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Color Assist: Tim Smith
DI Producer: Kate Hitchings
Titles by: Gordy Sang

Director's Statement

I didn't quite know what to expect before meeting David "The Bullet" Smith, Jr. I stumbled upon his name one day by absolute chance and, via a quick google search, I found his personal cell phone number on his website. All I knew about his was: 

  1. He was allowing a group of total strangers that found his name on the Internet to come film him for the day. And, 
  2. He fires himself out of a cannon for a living. 

When I met david, he was all worked up in a sort of manic state of nerves nad intensity... which makes sense considering what was to come in just a few minutes. I was surprised to see that, essentially, he's a one-man act. He tests and adjust the safety net himself. He rallies the crowd on the microphone himself. And then, of ocurse, he fires himself into the air in an awe-insiring, death defying, thrilling stunt. And, at the time of filming, he was doing it three times a day over the course of a nine-day residency. 

Between cannon shots, we sought out a quieter environment to speak in and we used David's trailer as a sound buffer between our microphones and the screaming children, tiger exhinit, and roller coasters nearby. He told me about his family story: His parents acsent in the circus world as a world champion trapeze act and, later, the birth of the Smith family human cannonball business. 

Mike Ambs

I love to film things, tell stories, and read on the subway. I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.