A film by Joel Garber

Ambivalent about her pregnancy, Connie attempts to withstand the desert, her husband, and herself. A dive into the underexplored psychological complexities of expectant motherhood.

Directed by: Joel Garber
Written by: Joel Garber & Robin Hardy
Produced by: Tetra Balestri, Summre Garber, & Robin Hardy
Cinematography by: Travis Auclair
Edited by: Milenko Skoknic

Starring: Robin Hardy & Blaise Miller
Production Design: Sam Macon Costume Design: Sofia Celedon Production Manager: Keren Hantman Gaffer: Patrick Somerville Sound Design: Matt E. Taylor
Music By: Big Blood

Director's Note

In writing this film, Robin and I wanted to tell the story of a particular woman’s non-joyous experience of pregnancy and to do so in a challenging, feminist, mysterious, and darkly funny way. The range of pregnancy experiences are, of course, as varied as imaginable, and we wanted to present something that countered the unblinking, pervasive version so often depicted in popular culture. Connie’s feelings about her pregnancy, her partner, and the idea of herself as a mother are complicated, and in the span of eight-ish minutes, we’ve attempted to marry that complexity with a tonal and formal nuance that reveals something worthy and weird and true.

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