A film by Flo Baumann

A 13-year-old boy is caught in the web of his parents’ divorce. Grappling to understand their separation, he meets Luna, a young girl who takes an interest in his silent struggle. 

An oppressive study of a 13 year old boy which is told quietly, precisely and atmospherically dense, with haunting, sometimes even metaphorical images.
— Christian Cloos, Das kleines Fernsehpiel

Writer: Romana Friedli, Flo Linus Baumann
Director: Flo Linus Baumann
Producer: Rajko Jazbec
DOP: Manuel Haefele

Edited by: Aurora Vögeli
Music: Dominik Blumer
Sound Design: Remie Blaser
Art director: Felicitas Dagostin
Costumes: Irene Schweizer

Production manager: Björn Härtel
First assistant director: Jan-Eric Mack
Make-up artist: Cait Dobozi

Sound Recording/Mix: Jacques Kieffer
Color Grading: Philippe Gallay

Marco: Nicca Ritschard
Luna: Rabea Egg
Father: Thomas Grötzinger
Mother: Stefanie Günther

Mike Ambs

I love to film things, tell stories, and read on the subway. I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.