A film by Jessica Kingdon

Two women who share a name and appearances meet when one hires the other to clean her house.

JESSICA is about two women who share a name and appearances but are separated by class. One of the Jessica's works for a housekeeping app, the other hires her. The first Jessica is eager to connect personally, but her advances go ignored by the homeowner, who remains distant and distracted. Left alone in the elegant brownstone, the cleaner explores the house, and her desire for intimacy leads her into an impossible situation.

JESSICA is about the distance that wealth can create and a misguided attempt to belong.


Director/Writer: Jessica Kingdon
Featuring: Graci Carley & Mia Jessup
Producer/Editor: Alex Megaro
Producer/Editor: Ian Bell
Producer/Composer: Simon Taufique

Also featuring: 
Meg Charlton (podcast host)
Zane Midlin (baby)
Myah (dog)

Director of Photography: Aharon Rothschild
Production Designer: Kerry Lacy
Assistant Director: Nicholas Gray
Associate Producer: Paul Walker

Line producer: JB Bruno
Hair & Makeup: Allison Brooke
Production Sound Mixer: Mike Hurst
Assistant Camera: Sachi Bahra
2nd Assistant Camera: Evan Pacheco
Gaffer: Nadia Gilbert
Grip: Giovannie Silva
Additional music:“I Want the Sun,” Jingle Punks
Sound Design & Re-record Engineer:Pete Serenita at Promedia
Colorist: Aharon Rothschild
Production Assistants: Jaydn Gosselin, Sophia Lee

Mike Ambs

I love to film things, tell stories, and read on the subway. I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.